Left Protests Likely End of DACA Amnesty


The Democrats’ diverse alliance of fringe and elite groups is furiously protesting Donald Trump’s reported decision to end President Barack Obama’s 2012 amnesty for roughly 800,0000 younger illegal immigrants.

The move will likely be very popular with ordinary Americans — including the 4 million Americans who turn 18 this year — because it is expected to open up several hundred thousand jobs for younger Americans.

The DACA amnesty is a critical test run for President Donald Trump as he prepares to “Raise Act” merit-immigration reform in 2018. The reform is designed to help raise Americans’ productivity and wages. The cancellation of DACA puts pressure on Democrats to participate in Trump’s reform, despite the damaging impact on the party’s long-term strategy of gaining national power via greater immigration.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders declined to confirm DACA’s termination. A “final decision on this has not been made … it has not been finalized, and when it is, we will let you know,” she told the White House press conference on Thursday.

Democratic politicians immediately protested the end of DACA, often by touting personal stories and emotional arguments about families and “children,” even though the DACA program covers people aged 15 to the early 40s. This tweet by Rep. Pramila Jayapal, from Washington state, emphasized personal relationships, not the impact of large-scale immigration on Americans employees and taxpayers:

An activist at the Center for American Progress — which has very close ties to the Democratic Party — portrayed Trump’s enforcement of popular immigration reforms as a “white supremacist” priority, likely because it has a higher relative impact on Hispanics than on whites, such as the relatively few illegal immigrants from Ireland.

Democratic affiliated groups are also protesting Trump’s reform of the program.


Democrats prefer to portray the illegals as “children,” but their average ages is 25, according to a recent study sponsored by the left-wing Center for American Progress.


Busines leaders also want to keep DACA, which provides 800,000 workers and consumers.

Some GOP-affiliated voices protested the reform. For example, Russell Moore is a political coordinator for Southern Baptist congregations.


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