Bishop Aubrey Shines Rips Jesse Jackson’s ‘Shameful’ Kingdom of Jesus Attack on Trump


Evangelical Bishop Aubrey Shines slammed Jesse Jackson’s “shameful” assertion that President Donald Trump “would not qualify to get into Jesus’ kingdom.”

Shines said Jackson’s decision to “highjack the Holy writ and eisegetically spin it to further his own narrative” warrants a response.

Indeed, Jackson addressed an audience last week in Washington D.C. at the National Action Network’s “Ministers March for Justice,” and declared that President Donald Trump “would not qualify to get into Jesus’ kingdom.”

“Trump says you must be able to speak the language English to be qualified and have a job skill. Jesus would not qualify to come in Trump’s country. He would not qualify to get into Jesus’ kingdom.”

Bishop Shines said, however, “Jesus personifies the law.”

“He didn’t come to destroy it but to fulfill it. Never, ever did Jesus instruct his followers to burn down buildings nor did he command his followers to drown out the voices of opposition by riot or other intimidation tactics,” Shines said.

The outspoken Tampa Florida-based Bishop acknowledged that while Rev. Jackson has criticized President Trump, he has failed to call out elected officials who did not enforce the laws that keep American citizens safe and spur economic opportunity.

“In the past eight years, I can’t recollect you ever amplifying your voice when black unemployment, for instance, was over 20-plus percent among our youth, when there was a 58 percent increase in food stamp use in this nation, when 20 percent were no longer in the workforce, I never heard you voice any opposition,” Shines said.

“When over several thousand were shot in Chicago, and 4,000 murders happened, I never heard you speak about it. When Americans were told that Obamacare would lower our premiums — when healthcare for instance even in my case double, I never heard you speak once,” Shines said.

The Bishop ripped Jackson, saying he has never heard him denounce the Democratic Party’s history of serration and slavery, and their contemporary support of Planned Parenthood — “Orchestrated by Margaret Sanger, a white eugenicist, who believed that blacks were inferior” — which performs abortions on black women at an alarmingly high rate.

Bishop Shines pointed out that over 40 billion U.S. tax dollars annually go to support “peace and security” around the world.

“Lastly,” Shines said, “putting locks on our doors and buildings is not designed to keep out our friends but to keep those out who want to prevent us from having life and liberty. Even Heaven itself references the gates that are there.”

“Rev. Jackson, stop being decisive, stop using race to further your own agenda,” Shines said. “Let’s help make America great again.”

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