Nolte: The Super Trump — Roy Moore Is Making First Amendment Great Again

Roy Moore
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In the wake of President Trump’s world-shaking victory, our media almost always try to dismiss what happened in 2016 as merely an act of “defying conventions.” While that might be technically true, it is also the simplest and most dismissive way to describe something that scares the hell out of our corrupt Ruling Class.

For years, our media and establishment overlords have carefully crafted narrower and narrower litmus tests and loyalty oaths for political candidates, for those they will allow to represent you and me.  It goes something like this…

Sign here to prove you truly believe…in man-made global warming, diversity is our strength, there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, gender is fluid, Black Lives Matter, Obama is a patriotic Christian, masculinity is toxic, individuality is selfish, abortion is health care, illegal immigrants help the economy, and on and on…And if you do not believe, or at least pretend to believe, we will destroy you as a freak, a Luddite, an anti-science bigot, as crazy and dangerous.

Trump not only won the presidency violating a number (not all) of those rules, he did so after violating the media’s most sacred rule: Thou Shalt Not Question Obama’s Birthplace.

And by extension, through his glorious belligerence, this wonderful defiance, this middle finger at Polite Society, Trump made the First Amendment great again.

Time and again, I heard people say of Trump, I don’t agree with everything he says, but I’m damn glad he is saying it.

That statement reveals a key part of Trump’s appeal. Even those who were not completely onboard with him policy-wise or with the Birther stuff, they still understood that Trump was freeing our society, breaking the despotic chains of political correctness, making it okay to not whisper. After all, nothing is more liberating or empowering than realizing you are not alone.

Which brings me to outsider U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, who is like a Super Trump in this respect, a place for all that energy to go if you want to continue Making the First Amendment Great Again.

While I may not agree with everything Moore has said or done, there is nothing dangerous about the man. He is not a statist or bigot. He is not Antifa, the MSM, Obama, or the left — all four sides of a coin determined to destroy individual liberty, central plan your life, tell you what kind of health care you can and cannot buy, control your speech, and flood your country with illegal Democrats.

Moore is a walking-talking iconoclast, a swaggering symbol of True Americanism (if you believe “True Americanism” means being allowed to be who you want to be). Moore is a Super Trump in the vanguard against this encroaching fascism that our wannabe oppressors veil as sensitivity and correctness.

How can you not love that this guy said to a left-wing Washington Post reporter, “Sodomy is against the laws of nature”?

Or that he expresses his religious beliefs so unapologetically, “You think that God’s not angry that this land is a moral slum. How much longer will it be before his judgment comes?”

Or that he is basically running on this platform: “We have forgotten the source of our rights,” Moore preached during that church appearance, quoting from memory several books of the Bible, along with the Declaration of Independence, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and a U.S. Supreme Court decision from 1892. “We put ourselves above God. And in so doing, we forgot the basic source of our morality.”

If you want to be a U.S. senator, you are not supposed to say those things.

But he is saying what you are not supposed to say, and whether or not you agree, until Roy Moore attempts to encroach on your beliefs and freedoms, we should all celebrate his strident violation of these tyrannical things we call norms.

The country we should all want to live in does not have to agree with Roy Moore, but we should all want to live in a country that is tolerant of those who express those beliefs, a country that makes room in public life for those who hold those beliefs, a country that does not blacklist, demonize, and banish those who hold those beliefs — which is where we were headed pre-Trump.

Only the First Amendment can stop the left and the media from using our democratic process as a weapon against our individual liberties, and anyone — be it Lenny Bruce, Larry Flynt, or Roy Moore — who fights to expand the boundaries of acceptable discourse, to take that power away from our fascist media, is doing God’s work.

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