Feminists Stage Event to Mock Pro-Life Group Helping Workers Leave Abortion Industry

Pro-abortion rights protesters rally outside the Supreme Court in Washington, Wednesday, March 2, 2016. The abortion debate returned to the Supreme Court in the midst of a raucous presidential campaign and less than three weeks after Justice Antonin Scalia’s death. The justices heard the biggest case on the topic in …
AP/Susan Walsh

Feminists from the Austin chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) held an event whose sole purpose was to mock a pro-life organization’s attempt to invite abortion workers to reconsider their profession.

And Then There Were None (ATTWN) is a pro-life organization comprised of former abortion workers. The group asks volunteers to hand write notes to abortion workers throughout the country, offering to help them leave their jobs. To date, ATTWN has helped some 350 abortion workers leave their jobs.


Austin NOW found one of the letters and created an event in response – called “Shut-Up” – in which they wrote their own letters to abortion workers, mocking ATTWN.


“Apparently we struck a nerve with our kind letters to abortion workers, offering them help if they want to get out of the abortion industry,” former abortion worker Abby Johnson, CEO and founder of ATTWN, tells Breitbart News. “It’s letters like these of love that are sometimes the catalyst to an abortion worker leaving their job.”

Johnson explains:

Organizations like NOW are so threatened by us – former abortion workers – that they actually held a party, if you can call it that, and slandered our handwritten note, which they thankfully posted so everyone could see how sweet it was. I’d like to thank them for posting our letter so their followers, and hopefully those who work at abortion clinics, can see that there’s a way out and we will help them.


Johnson began working at Planned Parenthood in 2001 and progressed to the position of Health Center Director.

“In the last year of my employment, many things began to disturb me…the increase in our clinic’s abortion quota, our new desire to expand late term abortion services and in the end watching a 13 week old child in the womb struggle for his life during an abortion procedure,” she says in her bio. “I started this ministry because I realized that there must be many people like me; people who want to leave the industry but feel alone.”


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