White House Working Mom Kellyanne Conway on the ‘High Horse Cavalry’ and Harvey Weinstein Scandal

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway shared with Values Voter Summit participants on Friday, the respect for and elevation of women in the White House as compared to the “high horse cavalry” and Harvey Weinstein.

Conway thanked the crowd and encouraged them to continue to stand firm and push forward freedom and democracy.

She said she didn’t “know how she would be able to do any of this without my faith.” She said humility is an essential component of serving in the position that she does now.

Conway said that she approaches her job as a woman of faith, with an attitude that she is blessed and privileged to serve her country at the moment, knowing “for every time there is a season and that God places us in certain areas, at certain points in our life.”

“The greatest professional privilege of my life is to work for the President, the Vice President, and this great nation,” said Conway, adding, “The greatest privilege of my life by far is being mother to those four children.” She said nothing compares to it and gives her perspective constantly.

“I’m not in the White House to read about myself. I’m there to serve and there to work on significant issues and challenges of the day,” Conway said of turning off her social media notifications earlier this year.

“I work in a White House where working moms, and certainly women, are respected and elevated to the highest positions,” Conway went on to say. She recounted Trump’s years in New York real estate when he “took a chance on women … when no one else would.”

“The thing about Donald Trump that I’ve never heard him say and he’s certainly never said to me, is ‘I think this will help with the women,’” said Conway, pointing out the “identity politics that the other side is so wrapped up in.”

She said she wouldn’t work where she does or for whom she does if she didn’t know who they are and how family-centric they are.

Conway continued, juxtaposing her experience serving in the White House to the scandal in Hollywood and Harvey Weinstein.

“I appreciate that because I hear a lot of people up on their soap boxes, the high horse cavalry always talking about women’s rights and women in the workplace and women empowerment. I’m in an environment where it’s practiced regularly,” she said.

“I think there’s a great juxtaposition going on right now. You see one of the major influencers in Hollywood and major Democratic donor really ensnared in some pretty ugly stuff, allegedly, and the juxtaposition of that is I, at least, am in a place where women are respected, and I appreciate that as a working mom.”

Conway also talked about how her “faith informs” her beliefs and how she learns about people. “To attract people politically, you must first understand them culturally. Show me how somebody spends his or her weekend and I’ll tell you how they’re gonna vote,” she said.

She talked about her decades of working on pro-life messaging and President Donald Trump sending her and the Vice President to participate in the March for Life this year. Conway remarked, “It took a Manhattan billionaire, male, who for part of his adult life was pro-choice for abortion rights, to give the most impassioned defense of life I had ever heard from a presidential debate podium on October 19th last year.”

Conway added that evangelical Christians are not monolithic, not single-issue voters. She noted that the crowd cheered President Trump that same morning as he talked about healthcare, tax reform, the Iran Deal, and combatting terrorism.

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