Donald Trump: Tax Cuts an ‘Important Weapon’ for Economic Growth

AP/Susan Walsh

President Donald Trump met with the Senate Finance Committee at the White House on Wednesday, to discuss his ongoing effort to pass tax reform.

“It’s really tax cuts and reform, but I focus on tax cuts because it’s such an important weapon to get our country really moving,” Trump said prior to a meeting with Senate Republicans and Democrats on the committee.

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill sat on Trump’s left and Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee sat on his right.

Trump indicated that he had support for his plan from both Republicans and Democrats.

“I promise not to mention the name of the people on the other sides or names,” Trump said, referring to the Democrats. “But a lot of people are liking this very much and I think we’ll have tremendous support.”

Other Democrats expected to attend included Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA), and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI).

Trump noted again that the administration’s framework for reform would double the amount of income taxed in the zero bracket, increase the child tax credit, and end the death tax.

“We’re going to restore America’s competitive edge, rebuild America’s middle class, very much aimed at the middle class and renew the promise of the American dream,” he said.


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