Poll: Ed Gillespie Leading Over Ralph Northam by Eight Points for Virginia Governor

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam and GOP gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie

A new Hampton University poll released on Wednesday revealed that Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie leads over Democrat nominee Ralph Northam by eight points.

The Hampton University revealed that 41 percent of likely voters back Gillespie, while 33 percent of likely voters support Northam. However, 27 percent of likely voters remain undecided. The margin of error for the polls is 4.2 percent, making Gillespie’s lead over Northam well above the margin of error.

Democrats across the nation and in the state of Virginia remain increasingly worried about Northam’s chances of winning the gubernatorial election.

The Hampton University poll revealed that 34 percent of Virginians are most concerned about jobs and the economy, compared to other issues such as education (18 percent) and health care (23 percent).

Susan Swecker, the chairwoman of the Democratic party of Virginia, explained, “We’re Ground Zero. All eyes are on us. I can understand that because last year broke my heart.”

Republican candidate Ed Gillespie recently took the lead in the polls against his Democratic competition, Ralph Northam. Previous polls revealed that 41 percent of Virginians polled believed that only Gillespie would do a good job handling jobs and the economy, compared to 29 percent that felt that only Northam was strong in those areas. Forty percent of Virginia residents believe that only Gillespie could handle crime, while only 24 percent believe that only Northam can deal with crime.

Gillespie’s rise in the polls coincides with his outreach to the Republican base. Gillespie made sanctuary cities, one of Trump’s staple issues, one of his own. In the third and final debate between Gillespie and Northam, Gillespie attacked his Democrat opponent when Northam refused to say whether he would sign a bill that bans sanctuary cities in Virginia.

The Hampton University Center for Public Policy (CPP) touted its accuracy in polling, which correctly predicted that Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would win the state of Virginia in the 2016 election.

The poll report read, “Last year’s CPP poll of Virginia’s voters in the 2016 presidential election was one of a few polls in the nation to predict correctly that Presidential Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton would win the state by a margin of 4 percent and the highly-accurate results were reported by Fox News, MSNBC, the Washington Post, New York Times, Breitbart News Network.”

The Virginia gubernatorial election is on Tuesday, November 7.


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