Donald Trump Celebrates Broadcom Decision to Move Headquarters Back to United States

AP/Evan Vucci

President Donald Trump announced that Broadcom Limited would move its company headquarters from Singapore back to the United States.

Trump made the announcement in the Oval Office with CEO Hock Tan, claiming that over $20 billion in annual revenue would return to the United States. They were joined by workers from their manufacturing plants in Pennsylvania.

“We are telling people ‘Made in the USA’ is a big deal now,” Trump said. “We are bringing it back.”

Tan said that it was a “rare honor” to join the president in the Oval Office, and said that his mother would have never imagined it possible.

“My mother too,” Trump joked.

Tan explained that although he grew up in Malaysia he went to school at MIT, getting a scholarship to attend.

“My appearance here today in large part has been inspired by my desire to give back to this country which I have received so much from,” he said.

Tan said that as an American, he wanted to return to the United States, especially since his board members and many of his shareholders were also citizens.

“Today we are announcing that we are making America home again,” he said.


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