DeSantis: Harvard, Penn, MIT Should Lose Federal Funds

On Thursday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” 2024 Republican presidential candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) called for cutting off federal funds to schools that have failed to act on antisemitic assaults on their campuses like Harvard, MIT, and the University of

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Robot Orders Surge 40% as Employers Seek Relief from Labor Shortages

According to a recent report, orders for automated technology and robots have increased by 40 percent in the first quarter of 2022 as businesses seek solutions to ongoing labor shortages. One MIT professor warned: “Automation, if it goes very fast, can destroy a lot of jobs. The labor shortage is not going to last. This is temporary.”

A visitor holds a hand of AILA, or Artificial Intelligence Lightweight Android, during a d

MIT Announces Mandatory Diversity Training for All Students

Students at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, will be required to participate in a diversity training seminar this winter. The university told students recently that they will not be permitted to register for their spring courses until they complete the diversity training program.

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 05: Students participate in a Black Lives Matter sit-in at the Natio

Top Universities Failed to Disclose Billions in Foreign Funds

The U.S. Education Department has revealed that top universities, such as Cornell, MIT, and Georgetown, have failed to disclose billions of dollars they have accepted in foreign funds. Universities have failed to report at least $6.5 billion to the government according to the report, including money from the Chinese government, Huawei, and other countries.

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MIT Apologizes for Training AI System to Use Racial Slurs

Researchers at MIT are apologizing this week after one of its research projects included racial and gender-based slurs in a massive dataset used to train AI systems. The AI was designed to identify objects in photographs such as trees, cars, plants, and pets, but also learned racial and gender slurs from the training dataset.

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MIT Begins Tracking Creepy Coronavirus Contact Tracing Apps

The MIT Technology Review recently published an article noting that a number of new coronavirus contact tracing apps have been introduced that invasively track user data, so the publication has created a “Covid Tracing Tracker” to determine what each app does with the user data it collects.

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Report: Harvard Gave Jeffrey Epstein His Own Office on Campus

A new report published this week details the extensive ties between Harvard University and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who mysteriously died in a Manhattan prison last fall. Harvard reportedly gave Epstein his own office on campus in exchange for almost $10 million in donations he gifted to the university between 1998 and 2007.

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 08: A protest group called "Hot Mess" hold up signs of Jeffrey Epstein

MIT Researchers Publish Design for Ventilator Costing Just $100

A team of researchers at MIT announced this week that it will publish an open-source design for a low-cost ventilator that could potentially save lives during the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. The ventilators designed by the “MIT Emergency Ventilator Project” will cost just $100 as opposed to up to $50,000 for typical hospital ventilators.

This picture taken on March 16, 2020 during a press presentation of the hospitalisation se