‘Never Trump’ Pundit, Jeb Bush Adviser Among Group Demanding Amnesty for DACA Illegal Aliens

Neil Munro, Breitbart News

The latest group of executives and Republican beltway figures pushing the GOP-led Congress to pass an amnesty for illegal aliens before the end of the year includes a pundit from the failed “Never Trump” movement and a close adviser to failed presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

In a year-end push to demand amnesty for up to 3.5 million illegal aliens who are enrolled and eligible with the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, a collection of Catholic organization leaders and beltway Republicans have sent a letter to Congress writing “the time has come” for the illegal aliens to permanently stay in the United States.

The letter states:

We have seen immigrants strengthen our great nation throughout its history, including their positive impact on our communities and our economy. One group of immigrants who exemplifythese benefits are young people brought to our country by their parents at a young age. We carryparticular concern for the future of these so-called Dreamers because they have much to offer America. Not only that, but they were brought here without their consent, and in most cases theUnited States is the only home they have ever known. 

We know that these young people who stepped forward in good faith are not threats to America.Through Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), they already have submitted toscreening for criminal activity and potential threats to national security. Instead of deportingthese young people, we should use this opportunity to focus on real solutions for our brokenimmigration system that address safety and security. Leaders on both sides of the aisle havesuggested pairing increased border security funding with DACA reform, providing legislators arare bipartisan opportunity to work together to make our country safer. This moment should not be squandered.

Among the members of the group are Erick Erickson, a prominent figurehead of the “Never Trump” movement that failed to stop the election of President Trump and his America First agenda. 






In 2016 leading up to the Republican National Convention (RNC), Erickson even called for a brokered convention to oust Trump as the GOP nominee, as Breitbart News reported.

Erickson’s group stated at the time:

We call for a unity ticket that unites the Republican Party. If that unity ticket is unable to get 1,237 delegates prior to the convention, we recognize that it took Abraham Lincoln three ballots at the Republican convention in 1860 to become the party’s nominee and if it is good enough for Lincoln, that process should be good enough for all the candidates without threats of riots.

Also involved in the pro-DACA amnesty letter is the prominent Jeb Bush adviser Al Cardenas, who has long advocated on behalf of Republican Party elites and illegal aliens in the national immigration debate.

Cardenas, like Erickson, was heavily involved in the failed “Never Trump” effort. In 2016, following the RNC Convention, Cardenas blasted Trump’s popular, pro-American immigration agenda:

As a Hispanic, I didn’t like what I heard. If you were expecting him to pivot and cast a wider net going into the general election, you were wrong. I don’t see how he gets enough people to follow him on such a narrow path.

Erickson and Cardenas are listed alongside a number of executives who run Catholic organizations. The Catholic push for amnesty for DACA illegal aliens comes after the left-leaning United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) similarly demanded an end-of-the-year amnesty, as Breitbart News reported.

The letter also noted a study by the CATO Institute, a Koch Brothers-backed think tank that has continuously released economic-based reports in favor of legal immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens.

A recent study from the CATO Institute found that DREAMers are “younger, better educated,and more highly paid than the typical immigrant.” DACA recipients are ineligible for welfare benefits, Obamacare subsidies or Federal education assistance, and are required to be enrolled in or have completed high school. DREAMers hold jobs, pay taxes, serve in the military andmany are pursuing advanced college degrees.

The claim that DACA recipients are “better educated” was debunked in November by the Migration Policy Institute. In fact, that ‘dreamer’ graduation rate is just one-tenth of the 17 percent of similar-aged Americans who hold four-year college degrees, according to the Migration Policy Institute.

Despite a push for amnesty for DACA illegal aliens by the GOP and Democratic political establishments, as well as the open borders lobby, corporate interests, and the cheap labor industry, Americans increasingly believe that amnesty for DACA recipients is not a “top priority.” 

An amnesty for illegal aliens is a priority for only 23 percent of American voters who identify as Independents, a Morning Consult-POLITICO poll found. The no-strings amnesty is also strongly opposed by 16 percent of 652 independents in the November survey, and likely by many of the 23 percent of people who say they have no comment or don’t know.

Overall, American voters are increasingly opposed to a prioritized amnesty for DACA recipients, as Breitbart News reported, with fewer than 30 percent of Americans saying they support a quick amnesty deal. Even among Democrat voters, amnesty is becoming more and more unpopular, with fewer than 45 percent Democrats wanting Congress to push through an amnesty deal.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder


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