Judge Roy Moore: Doug Jones Pushing ‘Failed Indoctrination Programs Like Common Core’

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Alabama GOP Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore went on an education tweet storm Saturday in response to Breitbart News’s article highlighting Democrat candidate Doug Jones’s support for Common Core-like national standards.

Moore, who would like to see federal involvement of education ended, says parents must take the lead in how best to education their children.


“As the federal government has increased their role in education — spending TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars along the way — our education system has slipped further and further behind the rest of the world,” Moore tweeted.


“And now, with Democrats like Doug Jones continuing to push failed indoctrination programs like Common Core, we risk allowing education in America to reach a point in which it’s beyond repair,” he added, continuing:

Our Founders knew education worked best when left to parents & local communities, not a massive government bureaucracy that forces one-size-fits-all standards on students robbing them of the educational freedom that’s proven to produce significantly greater results.

It’s beyond time we get back to what made America’s education system the envy of the world, and that starts with reject big government liberals like Doug Jones, who’s ideas and policies are proven failures!



Jones told Alabama Political Reporter in July, “[T]here is a role for the federal government in many ways” in education.

The Democrat says the federal government should set national education standards – such as Common Core – that would enforce states’ accountability for any federal taxpayer education dollars received.

Jones also showed that he trusts the federal government’s oversight more than state-run management when he was asked about the prospect of the federal government’s block-granting taxpayer funds to states.

“In Alabama quite frankly people ought to be very jaundiced about letting state officials decide how to spend a block of money,” he said.

Moore and Jones are vying for the U.S. Senate seat previously held by current Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The special election is December 12.


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