Amnesty Activists Occupy McConnell’s Office, Raise Fists

Facebook screenshot, UWD video.

Illegal immigrants occupied congressional offices and protested on Capitol Hill while demanding a huge no-strings amnesty for themselves and 3 million other illegal immigrants.

“This time is our time,” one illegal insisted while standing in the office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday. “It is time for us and it time for Congress to do what is right. [Enact the] clean Dream Act, not next week, not in a month, not in March, now.”

Another illegal from Colorado said he is demanding an amnesty because “that is what I need, that is what my family needs … I’m fighting for my [illegal immigrant] community.”

Several of the “United We Dream” protestors said they were fighting to gain residency for their parents, even though they are also claiming special treatment because they were brought into the country as children by their law-breaking parents. One said his mother brought him into the United States because “she wanted me to get a better life, she wanted me to get a better education.”

A protestor praised his parents’ decision to break U.S. immigration laws. “What would you do for your kids? Would you travel a thousand miles for them to get a better life?” he said.

“Our communities cannot wait,” declared another leader, shortly before she asked the illegals to raise their clenched fists according to the video, which was posted on Facebook by United We Dream.¬if_t=live_video_explicit

McConnell has “never represented the immigrant community who lives in his state,” said another protestor, suggesting that American politicians must work for illegal-alien migrants just as they work for Americans and legal immigrants.

The protestors’ demand for a “clean Dream Act’ says they want passage of the Dream Act for 3 million illegals, without the inclusion of any offsets or safeguards for American people who are worried about the welfare cost of unskilled illegals, the labor-market impact on their children’s’ wages and the likelihood of inviting another wave of illegal migrants.

Only four percent of 690,000 ‘DACA’ recipients have completed college, far below the roughly 17 percent of similar-aged young Americans who have college degrees, according to data released by the Migration Policy Insitute, which favors immigration.

Unfortunately for the illegals and their business backers, multiple polls show that amnesty is unpopular among voters, and so is the threat to shut down the government unless the illegals get an amnesty.

“Just 27% agree with Senate Minority Whip [Sen.] Dick Durbin’s call for a government shutdown to force a congressional decision on the Dreamers question separate from the border security issue,” said Rasmussen Reports. “Twice as many (55%) oppose a government shutdown for this reason. Seventeen percent (17%) are undecided.”

The shutdown threat is backed by only 26 percent of blacks, 35 percent of Democrats, 21 percent of moderates, 37 percent of people who earn more than $200,000, 23 percent of post-graduates, and 31 percent of people who strongly disapprove of President Donald Trump’s policies. The poll of 1,000 likely voters was conducted November 30 and December 3. The poll used the term “dreamer’ to refer to the 3 million illegals, not to the four million young Americans who will become adults this year.

A Morning Consult/POLITICO poll showed that only 1 in 5 swing-voters, or roughly 20 percent, want a government shut-down in order to force an amnesty for DACA illegal aliens.

The amnesty-or-shutdown threat is so unpopular that Democratic leaders have backed off the threat amid GOP ridicule.

Amnesty is also unpopular because it contradicts’ Americans sense of fairness to other Americans.

Business groups and Democrats embrace the misleading, industry-funded “nation of immigrants” polls which pressure Americans to say they welcome migrants. But the alternative “fairness” polls show that voters put a much higher priority on helping their families, neighbors, and fellow nationals get decent jobs in a high-tech, high-immigration, low-wage economy. The political power of the voters’ fairness priorities was made clear during the GOP primaries and again in November 2016.

Another group of left-wing evangelicals protested for open borders outside House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office.

On Wednesday, a coalition of pro-amnesty groups funded a street protest which delivered a few thousand illegal immigrants to Washington D.C. The demonstrators were addressed by several Democrats, including retiring Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who has been one of the most insistent amnesty advocates. Politicians “are only going to listen if we raise our voices, ” he said.

The protesters gathered in a park next to the Senate office buildings.

Some of the demonstrators carried signs showing Mexican-style symbols used by Latino separatists.

The demonstrators later moved to the Capitol steps.

The protest was backed by, which was created by a group of information-technology investors, including Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. The group is boosting the DACA protests partly because it wants to increase the inflow of foreign college-graduates into the labor force, so pressuring down salaries paid to American middle-class voters.

The push is also backed by New American Economy, a pressure group set up by billionaires Rupert Murdoch and Mike Bloomberg. The group has set up a ‘war room” in Congress to help push legislators to approve an amnesty in the 2018 budget.





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