Donald Trump Signs Military Funding Bill: Armed Forces Must Be ‘Perfecto’

President Donald Trump gives a thumbs up after speaking to Navy and shipyard personnel aboard nuclear aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford at Newport News Shipbuilding in Newport News, Va., Thursday, March 2, 2017. The ship which is still under construction is due to be delivered to the Navy later this …
AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

President Donald Trump signed a military spending bill on Tuesday, promising a “strong military” with the best equipment during his presidency.

“We need our military, its got to be ‘perfecto,’” Trump said, urging Congress to remove military sequester caps and pass a clean funding bill for the government next year.

Trump called the military funding bill a “momentous“ occasion and a great step in funding the “greatest fighting force in the history of the world.”

He said that the bill increased the size of the armed forces budget for the first time in seven years, and included the largest military pay increase in eight years.

The president signed the bill in a White House ceremony with members of the United States Armed Forces including Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford and Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis.

Trump even thanked Sen. John McCain for the work he did to get the bill through the Senate.

“He has fought very, very hard to make it just the way he wants it,” he said.

The 740-page bill was brought into the Roosevelt room in a box for Trump’s signature which prompted Trump to marvel at its size.

“That’s is a lot of pages,” he said.

But the president signaled a commitment to keep the military strong.

“Only when the good are strong, will peace prevail,” Trump said.

He also praised the great success against enemies of the United States, particularly against Islamic State terrorists.

“We’ve won in Syria, we’ve won in Iraq, but they spread to other areas and we’re getting them as fast as they spread,” he said. “We’ve had more success with ISIS in the last 8 months than the entire previous administration has had during its entire term.”


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