Donald Trump Says He Would ‘Love To’ Do Interview Under Oath with Robert Mueller

Mueller and Trump
AP/AFP Photos

President Donald Trump appears willing to testify under oath with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump was questioned by reporters after he dropped into an off-the-record session with his Chief of Staff, John Kelly.

“I would love to do that and I’d love to do it as soon as possible … I don’t know, I guess they’re talking about two or three weeks, but I’d love to do it,” Trump said, according to reporters in the meeting. “Again, I have to say, subject to my lawyers and all that, but I would love to do it.”

Trump’s remarks reignited the news cycle on the Russia collusion investigation after several details of the investigation started to leak into the media.

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that Mueller wanted to interview the president about his decision to fire Michael Flynn and James Comey, suggesting that the case was targeting the president for obstruction of justice.

Trump was careful to say that his agreement to testify would be subject to his lawyers. He added that even though Hillary Clinton did not testify under oath in her FBI interview, he would be willing to do so.

“There’s been no collusion whatsoever, there’s no obstruction whatsoever, so I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

Trump pointed again to the news breaking out of the FBI, including the 50,000 missing texts from two of the agents involved in the investigation.

“That’s prime time,” he said. “You do sort of looking at that and wonder what’s going on.”



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