Mueller and Trump

Donald Trump Says He Would ‘Love To’ Do Interview Under Oath with Robert Mueller

“I would love to do that and I’d love to do it as soon as possible…I don’t know, I guess they’re talking about two or three weeks, but I’d love to do it,” Trump said, according to reporters in the meeting. “Again, I have to say, subject to my lawyers and all that but I would love to do it.”

Steve Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart News, speaks with CBS News' Charlie Rose for a 60 Minutes interview in the "Breitbart Embassy" in Washington, DC, September 6, 2017.

25 Key Quotes from Steve Bannon’s 60 Minutes Interview

On Sunday, September 10, Breitbart News executive chairman and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon appeared on CBS News’ 60 Minutes for his first television interview. The following are 25 key quotes, both from the main interview and “overtime.”

Kate Del Castillo

Kate del Castillo Feels Betrayed by Sean Penn over ‘El Chapo’ Article

Mexican actress Kate del Castillo recently made waves by facilitating a clandestine interview in Mexico between actor Sean Penn and notorious drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán. However, her representatives and tabloids are reporting she feels betrayed by Penn for using her and not giving her more credit.

Sean Penn

El Chapo’s Lawyer Slams Sean Penn

Only days after his client’s capture and the highly controversial interview of drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán by actor Sean Penn, Guzmán’s lawyer is calling the actor’s retelling of El Chapo’s drug trafficking claims “a lie” and “absurd speculation.”

<> on November 13, 2015 in Nevada, Iowa.

Exclusive: An Interview With Chris Christie As He Launches New Push In Iowa

After taking the microphone to address the crowd, Christie said that, like many others in the room, the attacks in Paris reminded him of 9/11 and the threat of terrorism that still existed in the world. He shared vivid memories of 9/11, recalling how he felt when he sat with his children wondering if his wife, who worked two blocks away from the World Trade Center, was alive that day.


Measles Strikes Infant, Shutting Down Santa Monica Day Care

A new case of measles caused the shutdown of a Santa Monica High School day care center Monday after one of its infant attendees was diagnosed the disease. The current outbreak began in California’s Disneyland theme park with 74 of the 107 recent cases linked to the Magic Kingdom point of origin.