Republican 2018 Midterm Prospects Getting Brighter, Analysts Say at CPAC

Gorka CPAC
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Republican prospects in the 2018 midterm elections are getting brighter, according to a panel of top conservative political analysts at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference.

From the economy to foreign policy, people are pleased with President Trump’s performance, said members of the panel, which was moderated by conservative radio show host John Batchelor.

Liz Peek, contributor at Fox News, said that people are becoming increasingly optimistic about the economy. “The issue again is productivity,” she said, “[It’s] the greatest thing the Republican administration has going for it.”

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Fox News national security strategist and former deputy assistant to President Trump, said the president wants all Americans to benefit — not just those who voted for him. “The president wants all Americans to be safe and to prosper whether you voted for him,” he said.

Meanwhile, Democrats are struggling to find a compelling economic policy for 2018, Thaddeus McCotter, radio show host and former lawmaker, said.

“What do the Dems have as a policy — not a talking point — to go beyond 3-pt growth? What are they going to offer you to make things better for you than they already are?” he asked.

Democrats have used the idea of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia to energize their voters and donors.

“To summarize all the scandal, we had one candidate and her party basically buying an illegal surveillance warrant,” Gorka said.

“They got the permission from the judge to spy on another American. … We aren’t allowed to spy on Americans for political reasons,” he added.

McCotter said he hoped the Justice Department and the FBI could come out from under the “serious cloud” they are under, for potential abuses in their investigation of the Trump campaign during the Obama administration.

Gorka agreed: “What we know is just a fraction.”

But Batchelor questioned the panelists whether the good economic news would translate into a victory for Republicans in November.

McCotter urged Americans to let their Republican leaders know their work is appreciated.

“When people are busy working…they don’t have time to go to town halls and throw chairs at you,” he said. “Make sure your members know you appreciate what they’re doing, and you want to see them go back.”


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