Nolte — Poll: 44% Already Approve of Arming Teachers…and Trump Is Just Warming Up

Joanna Baginska (R), a fourth grade teacher at Odyssey Charter School in American Fork, Utah is shown how to handle a 40 cal. Sig Sauer by firearm instructor Clark Aposhian at a concealed-weapons training class to 200 Utah teachers on December 27, 2012 in West Valley City, Utah. The Utah …
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Already, a full 44 percent of Americans approve of arming teachers, while only 50 percent are opposed, according to a CBS poll.

These results might seem like bad news to those in favor of arming qualified teachers and school personnel, but until now, the debate has been one-sided. Eager to keep the hate directed at the NRA, our hysterical, anti-gun media are quick to shut down this debate before it even begins.

Writing at the far-left Washington Post, Greg Sargent vehemently opposes arming teachers. “The suggestion that we arm teachers in response to school shootings is not just a profoundly, hideously awful idea,” but he also worries the idea is picking up steam.

“This is heavily driven by Republicans — 68 percent of them support this. But so do a lot of independents — they are split, with 47 percent of them supporting the idea and 46 percent opposing it,” he writes (emphasis original).

What should also worry the left is President Trump’s persuasion skills. Unlike former President Obama, who proved incapable of selling anything outside of himself against two lackluster Republican presidential opponents, and despite a cacophony of opposition from Democrats and their media, Trump has moved the public opinion needle on a number of big issues, most especially, tax cuts and immigration. He is now in favor of arming qualified teachers.

In the wake of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting massacre, while the media have completely freaked out against the NRA, while the anti-gun cable channel CNN has hosted hate-driven town halls that attack motherhood and rape victims, Trump has been the calm in the storm, the adult in the room, the man leading our country to what he sees as actual solutions.

As a result, Trump’s approval numbers have steadily risen to a point where he is now more popular than even Obama was at this point in his presidency. This means people are listening to Trump, responding to his leadership.

Moreover, because he is not a politician, Trump appears to actually be looking for real solutions to our country’s school shooting contagion, including modest gun control proposals — a ban on bump stocks and raising the legal age to 21 for the purchase of certain firearms — and arming qualified school personnel.

Like every sane person, Trump understands that no gun control law would have stopped a single one of these mass shootings. Bringing up gun control in the aftermath of one of these atrocities is nothing less than a red herring, nothing less than Democrats and the media exploiting a tragedy to push an agenda — and doing so at the expense of real solutions.

Not being a career politician, Trump wants to solve the problem, and the only way to do that is to end the suicidal madness of herding children into buildings where they are left completely helpless and defenseless. Worse, they are advertised as sitting ducks to every madman in the country.

Of course qualified armed personnel  should be in every school building in America, just like you see armed personnel in every bank, major media outlet, movie studio, and government building in America. Talk about a no-brainer.

Think about this: When a media outlet faces threats, it immediately armors up, increases security. And yet, when our children are massacred, these same media outlets stand in opposition to armoring up schools. This should tell you all you need to know about our media’s craven agenda.

Teachers do not give up their Second Amendment civil rights once they become teachers.

Already in Texas, and without incident, qualified school personnel — including teachers, janitors, coaches, etc. — are carrying concealed weapons. After heavy background checks and training, these staffers are designated as marshals and their identities kept secret (so they cannot be targeted).

This is common sense.

Even when local and federal government do not fail as catastrophically as we have seen in Parkland, by the time the police show up at a mass-shooting, the murderer has already had time to kill dozens. Having someone on campus armed and trained is an absolute moral necessity.

Additionally, unlike a gun-free zone, which promises mass-murderers a building full of sitting ducks, just knowing they will immediately meet a good guy with gun will almost certainly serve as a deterrent.

At this stage of the debate, with Trump just getting warmed up in making his case, only 50 percent opposed to this common sense idea is a very good sign that this country might finally do the right thing and offer our children the same protections our media and Hollywood elite enjoy.

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