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Spring Break! Jared Kushner Plans Trip to Mexico


Jared Kushner, senior White House adviser, is planning to visit Mexico City on Wednesday, according to the Mexican government.

The news was confirmed by a White House official, who said Kushner would lead a U.S. delegation to discuss security, immigration, trade, and economics.

Kushner is expected to meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto and Secretary of Foreign Affairs Luis Videgaray.

Kushner’s trip takes place amid tensions with the country as trade negotiators work on renegotiating NAFTA in the shadow of the president’s proposed steel and aluminum tariffs.

Nieto also canceled a planned trip to Washington, DC, in March after Trump refused to say publicly that Mexico would not have to fund his proposed wall on the southern border.

On Monday, Trump said he recently spoke with negotiators in Mexico City who are currently renegotiating NAFTA.

“Mexico and, really, Canada want to talk about it,” he said about the proposed tariffs. “But if they aren’t going to make a fair NAFTA deal, we’re just going to leave it this way.”

Kushner has the opportunity to make progress on one of the diplomatic agenda items on his broad international portfolio, despite losing access to top-level classified reports.


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