Gun Owners of America: ‘No Guns Allowed’ Signs Less Effective than Teachers that Shoot Back

No Guns Allowed Sign
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

During the March 15 airing of Breitbart News Daily, Gun Owners of America’s Erich Pratt stressed that students need more protection than that which comes from a “No Guns Allowed” sign.

Pratt was reacting to the left’s two-prong approach of keeping teachers defenseless while trusting criminals will obey signs that say guns are not allowed on campus.

He suggested this same approach is being demonstrated by Congress as a whole, inasmuch as they just voted to spend incredible amounts of money on new school security measures while overlooking the “cheaper” proven solution, which is armed teachers.

Pratt said:

Utah has been arming teachers since 1995, and when I say arming teachers I mean concealed carry holders…are allowed to bring [guns] into school rather than being told, ‘No, you can’t have them here.’ And so there’s never been a school shooting in Utah. And Ohio is training teachers, it’s actually a private organization that’s training the teachers. There are, depending on the laws and how you look at the them, anywhere from 12 to 25 states that are already to some degree allowing teachers to be armed in schools.

While Pratt stressed that teachers should under no circumstance carry unless state/local law allows, he did note that now is the time to change laws so more teachers can be armed for self-defense.

He added, “We protect our President, Congressmen, and banks with guns, why is it that we protect our schools with just a sign that says, ‘No Guns Allowed’? That doesn’t work.”

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