Parkland Student Gun Control Activist: ‘Arming Teachers Only Puts Kids More in Danger’

Cameron Kasky

During the March 25 airing of Face the Nation, Parkland shooting survivor Cameron Kasky said “arming teachers only puts kids more in danger.”

He said this after another Parkland school gun control activist, Emma Gonzalez, lamented that Nikolas Cruz had six minutes and twenty seconds to move around in school building 12, shooting innocents at his leisure.

Kasky was asked to respond to the fact that Florida responded to the Parkland school shooting by taking action to allow some teachers to be armed. He said:

I think you’ll notice that if all teachers are required to be armed, or at least several teachers per building, many teachers will quit. Every single teacher at my school that I’ve spoken to said if there was an armed teacher in their building, trained or not, they would be out of there.

Kasky added, “Arming teachers only puts kids more in danger, and it puts the teachers more in danger.”

Ironically, 170 school districts in Texas allow armed teachers and there has never been a report of a teacher or student being harmed as a result. Moreover, school districts in Arkansas, Ohio, Colorado, and Utah allow teachers to be armed and there has not been a report of teachers or students being harmed with a teacher’s firearm.

California allowed armed teachers on campus until last year, and there was not an incident of a teacher or student being harmed with teacher’s firearm. However, this year a police officer who also teaches accidentally discharged his firearm into the ceiling and a bullet fragment struck a student, resulting in a non-life threatening injury.

There were no armed teachers and/or staff for defense of students at Sandy Hook Elementary School December 14, 2012. The gunman in that attack had over nine minutes without armed resistance.

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