Gov. Andrew Cuomo to Black Churchgoers: Catholics and Jews Don’t Have Your ‘Rhythm’

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Spencer Platt/Getty

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) told a predominantly black congregation Sunday that Baptists, Catholics, and Jews all worship God but, unlike them, “without the rhythm,” according to the New York Post.

Speaking at Mount Neboh Baptist Church, Cuomo said, “I want you to know as a matter of full disclosure, I am a Catholic. Catholics basically believe the same teachings that Baptists believe. We just do it without the rhythm. But we try. We are not as without rhythm as some of our Jewish brothers and sisters.”

According to the Post, Cuomo then singled out “Democratic consultant Hank Sheinkopf, a former campaign adviser who is Jewish, who was sitting in the front row wearing a yarmulke.”

“I was watching Mr. Sheinkopf here in the front row moving to the music,” the governor said. “It was ugly, I’ll tell you the truth.”

Sheinkopf, who was there because he works for the church’s pastor, was not amused.

“There weren’t many people laughing, but I didn’t feel humiliated,” he told the Post, adding sarcastically, “He’s the governor. He’s now in charge of American dancing.”

The Post talked to others who were not amused, including Democrat State Senator Simcha Felder. “I don’t think it was that good a joke,” Felder said. “I can write better material.”

Arthur Schwartz, a Republican, Jewish, pro-Israel activist, said,  “The governor should focus more on governing and less on Jew jokes.”

Cuomo’s spokesperson claimed that the governor was “poking fun at himself and one long time friend who was in the audience.”

Cuomo, who has been New York’s far-left governor since 2011, is running for re-election this year and reportedly has his eye on challenging President Trump in 2020.

Governor Cuomo’s brother, Chris, is the morning anchor on the far-left CNN’s basement-rated morning show. Just in time for his brother’s re-election and potential presidential run, and despite his low ratings, the anti-Trump network promoted Chris to primetime. Chris is also infamous for saying ridiculous and offensive things.

The notion that black people are more rhythmic than other races is widely considered to be a racial stereotype.

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