RNC Co-Chair Paduchik: the Economy Doing Well ‘Puts Us in a Great Position in the Midterms’

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Bob Paduchik, co-chair of the Republican National Committee, told Breitbart News Saturday host Matt Boyle, Washington political editor for Breitbart News, and co-host Amanda House, Washington deputy political editor for Breitbart News, that the strong economy puts Republicans “in a great position in the midterms.”

Many Democrats and members of the media are predicting a “Blue Wave” in which Democrats will secure a net gain of at least 23 seats needed to take back control of the House of Representatives in the November midterm elections.

But Paduchik presented a much more optimistic view of Republican chances in the midterm elections.

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Responding to host Boyle’s observation that President Trump’s approval ratings, according to Rasmussen Reports, are above 50 percent, Paduchik pointed out that the high approval rating bodes well for Republicans politically.

“The president’s approval rating is a great thing for a couple of different reasons,” Paduchik began.

Let me talk first on the midterms. Traditionally the midterm elections are always a problem for the party that controls the White House. It’s only been a few instances where the party that controls the White House either holds its majority or its standing in the House and the Senate or increases it,” he noted.

“In those instances, two things have happened. The presidents’ approval rating is above fifty, and the economy is going well,” Paduchik continued, adding:

We see that right now. We see that situation where the President’s tax cuts, working with Republicans in the House and Senate, passing those tax cuts, the regulatory reform that’s taken place, the first year of this administration with folks like Scott Pruitt unwinding the Obama regulatary regime, all of those things have had a net positive effect on the economy.

Because the economy is doing well, the president’s polling numbers are doing well. You’ll see that continue through between now and the election.

I think that puts us in a great position in the midterms

Paduchik acknowledged that, seven months before the election “We are going to have a tough way to go on this.”

“As a guy that’s been doing campaigns for 32 years, I don’t want anyone to ever feel complacent or feel like we’re in a great position going in,” Paduchik cautioned, emphasizing the words “going in.”

“But we’re in a strong position, and to me that’s the fundamentals of winning elections. I feel good about where we are and where we’re going,”he concluded on an upbeat note.

According to his bio on the Republican National Committee website, Paduchik “served as the Ohio State Director for the Trump-Pence presidential campaign.”

Before that, he “was the Campaign Manager for Ohio Senator Rob Portman’s successful campaign for U.S. Senate in 2010, and was the Ohio State Director for the Bush-Cheney presidential campaign in both 2000 and 2004, helping President Bush carry the state both times.”


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