Rand Paul: Matt Rosendale Is ‘a Fearless Conservative Leader’

Rand Paul and Matt Rosendale collage
Rand Paul and Matt Rosendale collage

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) wrote in a Montana Independent Record op-ed that rancher and state auditor Matt Rosendale is “a fearless conservative leader.”

Sen. Paul wrote, “I’ve endorsed Matt Rosendale because I believe he will drain the swamp and will vote for a limited Constitutional government even if that means standing up to big spenders in the Republican Party.”

Rosendale leads in the Montana Senate Republican primary and hopes to challenge Sen. Jon Tester in the general election.

“Matt Rosendale will not waiver. I know I can count on him to help me repeal Obamacare,” Paul said.

“I’ve gotten to know Matt and he means business about fixing Washington,” Paul added. “He’s a strong-willed fighter who will take on the special interest status quo to demand a balanced budget, greater transparency in the federal government, and protect our constitutional rights.”

Rosendale’s primary opponent, Russell Fagg, admitted to and then backtracked on his support for an Internet sales tax.

Fagg admitted, “To answer your question directly, yes I would support an online sales tax.”

In March, Fagg backtracked on his comments regarding his support for Internet sales tax, arguing he never said that.

“I actually did not say I would support an internet tax,” Fagg said.

Rosendale leads his closest Republican primary opponent, Fagg, by more than double digits, according to a poll released by Club for Growth in April.

Forty-nine percent of Republican primary voters describe Rosendale as “very conservative,” along with 31 percent who label him “somewhat conservative.”

Matt Rosendale remains the sole Montana Republican primary candidate who has had current members of the U.S. Senate endorse his campaign. More than 30 Montana-elected officials have also endorsed Rosendale.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) endorsed Rosendale, as well, to challenge Sen. John Tester in the 2018 Senate midterm election.

Sen. Paul continued, “We don’t need any old Republican. We need a Montana senator brave enough to vote no whether the deficits are coming from Democrats or Republicans. I believe Matt has that kind of courage.”

Paul concluded, “Matt Rosendale doesn’t just talk about cutting spending or balancing the budget. He’s done it and he has a proven record to run on.”


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