8-Year-Old Girl Hugging Police Officers Across the Country

Adorable little girl travels around the country giving hugs to police officers to show her love for law enforcement

Rosalyn Baldwin says “God decided” she should take up this unique mission.

“It’s a great feeling, knowing that someone that you don’t even know is reaching out to you and just bringing love to everything,” said Officer Ken Grubbs. Baldwin held his hand in prayer when she found out he had been shot in the line of duty. According to her mother, it was such shootings that first inspired this miniature crusade.

“Basically it was the shootings in Dallas that broke her heart,” Rosalyn’s mother Angie Baldwin told WKRC-TV in Cincinnati, where the little girl visited this week, during a service to honor fallen officers. “She said, ‘Momma, they’re killing our heroes.’ And then when it happened in Baton Rouge, it was very personal to her.”

Chief Eliot Isaac was effusive, saying, “To have a young person like that really just share that love that she has for police officers, it really warms our hearts especially on a day like this when we are remembering those that we’ve lost,” he said.

Baldwin even traveled to Ferguson, Missouri, during the protests. “I hope that she inspires other children, other people to give you guys love and hugs that they deserve,” her mother told officers in Jersey City, New Jersey. And while all of this might sound more like a topical adult statement than the whim of a little girl, Mom is insistent: “So honest and good, I just want to honor her wishes,” she said.


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