Dueling Billboards Thank Trump, Call for Impeachment in West Palm Beach

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - MARCH 19: A billboard reading: 'Impeachment Now Make America America Again!' calling for President Donald Trump's impeachment is seen along a street leading to Mar-A-Lago on March 19, 2018 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The sign was installed by The Mad Dog PAC and is …
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Above the intersection of I-95 and Southern Boulevard in West Palm Beach, the MadDog PAC and the Committee to Defend the President PAC are locked in a silent standoff.

“IMPEACHMENT NOW” demands the right billboard, a display funded by donations to the MadDog PAC, “Make America great again!” Directly beside it, the Committee to Defend the President PAC has a very different message to deliver on the road to Mar-a-Lago. “THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP,” and “Keep America great!” It is followed by a link to “send your personal thanks” through ThankDJT.com.

The billboards will greet Trump on his next trip to Mar-a-Lago—and it looks like they will be there for some time. “We consider it our flagship billboard,” said MadDog co-founder Claude Taylor. “It’s going to be there, month in, month out.”

But the billboard’s message is neither as radical, nor as relevant to the national conversation as it might once have been. Even House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi admitted that she “just think[s] it’s divisive,” and called the demands for impeachment a “distraction.” An NPR/PBS poll of independents suggests that as many as 47% of voters without a party alliance would still vote against a candidate preaching impeachment.

Taylor, however, is unmoved. “The ‘Impeachment Now’ is a process,” he said. “It’s all connected to turning the House blue, having enough votes to bring about an impeachment vote.”

Chairman of the Committee to Defend the President Ted Harvey has responded with the same level of commitment. “When we saw the billboards go up we said, ‘we’re not going to let them have the field to themselves,’” he said. “We will never leave the field of battle and we will be aggressive in our tactics.”


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