Nolte: NFL Players Want ‘Special Rights’ No One Else Has to Protest Flag on the Job

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images
Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Raise your hand if you do not work for the NFL and are allowed to express yourself in whatever way you please while you are on the job. Speak up if your employer allows you to protest and politick in front of the customers. Take one step forward if you can say whatever you want in front of your company’s clients while on the clock…



Didn’t think so.

And that is what you have to keep in mind as you watch these spoiled NFL crybaby-millionaires, who only work 16 days a year, crybaby over the fact that the NFL has at long last made it against the rules to spit on the American flag in front of the NFL’s customers.

You see, these man-babies are not asking for the same rights as everyone else. What these ungrateful narcissists are demanding are SPECIAL RIGHTS; rights no one else has.

Who, other than these greedy America-haters, can say and do whatever they want while on company time?

By volunteering to accept a job, you are also volunteering to abide by the rules laid down by your employer. And whether you work at McDonald’s, or in a factory,  or in the media, there are rules against alienating, angering, and engaging in behavior that results in the loss of customers.

Newsflash: there is no free expression on the job. In fact, many of us have worked for companies that enforce certain codes of conduct during our off-hours.

But America’s professional football players believe they are above such things, that rules are for little people, that they are so special, so precious, so superior to their fans, they are entitled to SPECIAL and UNIQUE RIGHTS, rights no one else has, the right to enrage and chase away customers while they are on the clock.

Remember that. Do not allow this debate to be muddied up with misleading buzz-phrases like free expression, civil rights, and the First Amendment.

If these deadbeats want to hate America on their own time, feel free…

If Colin Kaepernick wants to sell out his country for media and Hollywood love on his own time, whatevs…

In fact, I would go so far as to say it is un-American for an employer to penalize employees for what they do on their own time. What’s more, it is just as un-American for social media mobs to use threats of boycotts and the like to get people fired over an act of free expression. This is nothing less than corporate fascism.

Unless you are engaging in lawbreaking or something like the public bad-mouthing of your employer, no one in America should have to worry about making a living over any act of free expression. If America-hating Kaepernick wants to wear the American flag as a diaper on his own time, he should be allowed to do so without fearing the NFL will fire him or that mobs will try to have him fired.

Oh, we can criticize him, burn his jersey on YouTube, and choose top back another team. All’s fair in a free country, and that is entirely different than launching a deliberate campaign to get someone fired.

I am a free speech extremist, and that is the America I want to live in. If we cannot express ourselves freely without fearing the loss of our livelihoods, there is no free speech. But…

When you are on the clock, you are on the clock.

And so, while our utterly useless and corrupt media sides with these bloated NFL whiners, remember that these same bloated NFL whiners want rights you and I do not have … they want special rights … the unbelievable right to piss of their own employer’s customers, drive down their own employer’s profits, and destroy the very institution that employ’s them … while they are on the job.

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