Occupy Pruitt: Hard Left Activists Publish EPA Chief’s Private Address – and Prove His Point…

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators march near Zuccotti Park on Saturday, March 17, 2012, in New York. With the city's attention focused on the huge St. Patrick's Day Parade many blocks uptown, the Occupy rally at Zuccotti Park on Saturday drew a far smaller crowd than the demonstrations seen in the …
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Hard-left activist Occupy Wall Street has published the private Tulsa, Oklahoma, home address of Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt – encouraging its followers to take a “pitchfork to him directly.”

In doing so, they have unwittingly demonstrated the wisdom of something for which up till now Pruitt has been heavily criticized by the liberal media and left wing pressure groups: taking on extra security.

According to Daily Caller:

Occupy Wall Street posted Pruitt’s address on Twitter on Monday along with a New York Times article detailing the EPA head’s “cozy ties” with Joseph Craft, a coal executive. The group gave out his address to their Twitter followers “if you want to take [your] pitchfork to him directly.”

But as former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer was among several to note – “In case you’re wondering why this guy needs security…”, he tweeted – this is precisely why Pruitt needs security protection.

Since proving himself the most able and effective of President Trump’s administrators, Scott Pruitt has been the victim of a prolonged hate campaign conducted by an unholy alliance of Democrats, Never Trumpers and green/hard left activist groups.

Even pop icon Cher has got in on the act by demanding that Pruitt be put in prison.

One of the many charges levelled against Pruitt in this well-orchestrated campaign has been the cost of his security.

According to CNN in May (in a story widely relayed across the liberal MSM):

Security costs for Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt tally up to nearly $3.5 million for the past year, according to figures the agency released Friday.

The documents show the agency spent $2,726,719 on pay for the team of 19 agents who protect Pruitt around the clock.
The agency also spent more than $763,000 on travel for Pruitt’s detail, which accompanied him on overseas trips to Morocco and Italy, as well as on trips to his Oklahoma home and personal events, like the Rose Bowl and Disneyland.
The documents also do not include other costs, such as training, equipment and vehicles for each agent.
That cost far exceeds the cost of protecting his predecessors in the nine years of data the agency made public. Pruitt’s security cost about double what was spent the prior year, when salary costs tallied only $1.4 million, and travel costs for the security detail reached only $312,000.
Yes indeed. But Pruitt’s predecessors were all on the left – and so were not subject to vicious doxing campaigns designed to put their security at risk by publishing their home details.


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