Teen Attacked, Spat Upon for Wearing ‘MAGA’ Hat in Seattle

Leftist Spits on Boy's MAGA Hat

A Seattle teenager was physically assaulted by liberals upset at the “Make America Great Again” hat he wore, according to a Youtube video.

In the video, teenager Ashton Hess is heard confronting a man who pushed him, grabbed his Donald Trump campaign hat, and spat on it. “That’s my property dude. Come on,” Hess said, Fox News reported.

The video then shows a man and woman with neon color-dyed hair screaming at the teen “get the f**k out of this city” as they walk away.

For her part, the woman yells, “You’re not welcome here” as she strolls away.

Hess says that he and his family were standing outside a Starbucks waiting for a ride when the attack occurred.

“The man continued to curse at and flip off my family. I did absolutely nothing to provoke anyone around, and was completely blindsided when I was hit,” Hess said.

The attack in Seattle is hardly the first time a violent liberal has attacked someone for wearing one of the Trump campaign’s signature MAGA hats.

Early in July, a teen at a Texas Whataburger was assaulted by an adult who grabbed his MAGA hat, threw a drink on him, and walked off cursing him.

San Antonio Police later arrested Kino Jimenez, 30, on charges of felony theft of a person. Bail was set at $5,000.

In another case, a restaurant manager was fired for refusing service to a customer wearing the red cap.

The MAGA hat was also targeted by the owners of a Chicago bar who announced a ban on any customer wearing the hat.

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