Manafort’s Lawyer: ‘No Chance’ of Making a Deal with Mueller

mueller, manafort
AFP/Getty Images

Paul Manafort attorney Kevin Downing has confirmed that the former campaign manager will not cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Despite widespread media speculation, Downing reportedly told CBS News that there was “no chance” of a last-minute deal with Mueller, just as Manafort’s Virginia trial is set to begin. Manafort has been charged with 18 counts of varying severity, including both bank and tax fraud.

Should Manafort weather this fight, he will still face another judge in Washington, DC. The list of charges against him there will include conspiracy, false statements, and money laundering. The prosecution will introduce 436 exhibits to the court. Meanwhile, Manafort is currently being held in jail without bail for alleged tampering with witnesses in the trial. Five immunity orders have been issued for those who have agreed to testify.

Paul Manafort served as President Donald Trump’s campaign manager from March until August 2016, during his ultimately successful run for office. Trump has protested Manafort’s treatment so far, saying it was “unfair” for Manafort to be jailed while former Presidential opponent Hillary Clinton remains free. He also criticized the FBI for not informing him about Manafort’s alleged crimes.

Manafort’s Virginia trial is only expected to last about two weeks, as 30-year veteran Judge T.S. Ellis is known for his speedy resolutions. If convicted, the wayward campaign manager could spend most or all of his remaining days behind bars.


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