Protester Yells ‘Shame on You’ as Cardinal Wuerl Calls for Loyalty to Pope Francis

Archbishop Donald Wuerl celebrates mass at the Cathedral of Saint Matthew the Apostle in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010. Pope Benedict XVI today named Washington's Archbishop Donald Wuerl, 69, to the College of Cardinals. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

A protester shouted “Shame on you!” at Cardinal Donald Wuerl during mass Sunday as the Archbishop of Washington, DC asked for loyalty to Pope Francis.

Wuerl glibly responded with, “Yes, my brothers and sisters, shame. I wish I could redo everything over these 30 years as a bishop and each time get it always right.”

The protester, who is not a member of that particular church, immediately walked out. Another protester, a woman, turned her back on Wuerl during his remarks.

In the scathing Pennsylvania grand jury report released last month, Wuerl is accused of shielding priests who were preying on children while he served as bishop of Pittsburgh for 18 years, starting in 1988.

Among other things, the grand jury report accuses Wuerl of buying silence about predator priests from a priest who was himself abusing children and involved in child pornography.

Wuerl has also claimed ignorance of Cardinal McCarrick, who spent decades sexually abusing seminarians, priests, and parishioners. McCarrick was Wuerl’s predecessor in DC, and there is now a credible report Wuerl  did know of McCarrick’s crimes.

In 2009, then-Pope Benedict XVI ordered that McCarrick “was to leave the seminary where he was living, he was forbidden to celebrate [Mass] in public, to participate in public meetings, to give lectures, to travel, with the obligation of dedicating himself to a life of prayer and penance.”

Pope Francis, incredibly, lifted Benedict’s sanctions on McCarrick, but now claims he did not know the reason behind McCarrick’s sanctions.

McCarrick was instrumental in making Francis pope.

For his part, Francis is refusing to comment on the demonic scandals swirling at his feet, and because he is a left-wing pope, the establishment media are less interested in the kind of transparency that could expose a ring of child rapists and their enablers, and more interested in demonizing whistleblowers like Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

The media see Viganò as something worse than someone who preys on children… They see Viganò as a social conservative.

It looks as though it will be up to the laity, everyday people like these protesters, to push the Church into a position where full transparency is the only recourse.

The media have no intention of doing anything other than circling the wagons for Francis, even as Francis reinstates sex abusers into the Church.


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