Aussie Newspaper Doubles Down on ‘Racist’ Serena Williams Cartoon

Herald Sun Serena Cartoon

Australia’s populist Herald Sun newspaper has given the middle finger to the politically correct mob by reprinting, on its front page, a controversial cartoon of difficult tennis star Serena Williams throwing a tantrum.

The cartoon was only controversial, of course, because the PC fake-offence brigade chose to make it that way.

The outrage mob – whipped up by woke children’s author JK Rowling – had insisted it was ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’:

But cartoonist Mark Knight regularly draws politicians, sports stars, and other celebrities in an unflattering light. This is, after all, the nature of political cartoons – a satirical, artistic tradition dating back to the 18th century caricatures of William Hogarth and his early 19th century successor James Gillray.

Knight pronounced himself mystified by the fury his cartoon had attracted.

He told Andrew Bolt of Sky’s Bolt Report:

I drew a cartoon about someone having a hissy fit on a tennis court. And it was an African-American woman – the world number one tennis player. I drew the cartoon not intending to comment on racial or gender politics in America. So, I feel OK about it. Today I drew a cartoon of the Australian prime minister as a Muppet. Now Scomo [Scott Morrison] hasn’t called me expressing outrage. Maybe he was a bit upset…”

Other social media users rose to Knight’s defence:

But it’s the support of his editor and newspaper owners which is going to make the most difference:

Had they caved it would have been a dark day for freedom of speech in a world where corporate interests are often far, far too willing to cave under a bit of pressure from the PC mob.


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