Nolte: Best News of 2018 Midterm Is Kavanaugh Backlash Against Senate Democrats

Judge Brett Kavanaugh listens during his US Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing to be an Associate Justice on the US Supreme Court, on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, September 4, 2018. - President Donald Trump's newest Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is expected to face punishing questioning from Democrats this …
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Tuesday night’s voter backlash against Senate Democrats who did not support Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation appears to be very real, and is, by far, the best news to come out of the 2018 midterms.

Hopefully, this punishing lesson will serve as a bruising reminder to Democrats and their allies in the establishment media that the evidence-free, un-American witch hunt they launched to personally destroy this good man, has no place in American politics.

Without re-litigating the whole affair, as I have written in the past, this is why this repudiation is so  important. Yes, it is bigger than politics. Much bigger:

As the accusations crumbled under the weight of evidence and witness testimony, as Democrats moved the goalposts, as our monstrous media became desperate enough to wave around a high school yearbook like a bloody shirt, this stopped being about politics and the future of the Supreme Court and became about the fate of one man — an innocent man, a wrongfully accused man, a publicly persecuted man — which means it suddenly became the most important thing in the world.

Watching Brett Kavanaugh stripped naked and publicly humiliated by the organized left and media was excruciating. The obscenity of it, the injustice. Even worse was the tightly-knotted ball of fear growing like a fascist cancer in all decent people, as we lived with the intolerable thought that this abomination might succeed, that the single most appalling act of McCarthyism of my lifetime might actually pay off.

Well, thank the Lord, it did not pay off. And not only is Kavanaugh currently serving on the Supreme Court, but in a midterm election that was supposed to deliver only a wave of good news to Democrats, the American people have sent a very clear message to a political party that smeared an innocent man as a serial rapist, and did so only for partisan political purposes.

As of this writing, of all the races that have so far been called, every single Democrat in a swing state who voted against Kavanaugh has lost their Senate seat.

Claire McCaskill (D-MO) lost her Senate seat by six points Tuesday night. Prior to the confirmation battle, polls showed her statistically tied.

Joe Donnelly (D-IN) was leading or in a tied race pre-Kavanaugh; he lost by 9 points.

Heidi Hetikamp (D-ND) was down only by single digits pre-Kavanaugh; she lost by 11 points.

In Tennessee, until the Kavanaugh smear began, Democrat Phil Bredesden was leading Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn in a race to replace retiring Republican Sen. Bob Corker. Post-Kavanaugh, Blackburn shot into the lead and never looked back. She won by 11 points.

In two races where it is still too close to call, incumbent Senate Democrats who refused to support Kavanaugh are currently behind in the vote count.

With 100 percent of votes counted, Florida Democrat Bill Nelson is down by nearly 35,000 votes and hoping an automatic machine recount mandated by state law will save him. But unless there was a tabulating error somewhere, and a big one, Nelson is going to lose.

Finally, in Montana, Democrat Jon Tester was a favorite to win by a 3 – 4 point percent margin. In fact, throughout the entire race, not a single poll showed him losing. As of Wednesday morning, though, and with 86 percent of precincts reporting, he is down 0.7 percent to Republican Matt Rosendale. Tester could still pull out a win, but this is much closer than anyone anticipated.

While he was no profile in courage throughout the confirmation process, the only Senate Democrat who ultimately voted to confirm Kavanaugh, Joe Manchin, squeaked out a 3.2 point win in West Virginia.

But as Americans, regardless of Party, regardless of politics, regardless of where you stand on Kavanaugh, we should all be thrilled at this outcome. What happened to Brett Kavanaugh was a national disgrace, is something that should never happen to anyone from either party — and in a country where our media is corrupted beyond comprehension, only the voters can delivers that message.

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