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witch hunt

Shock Video: Four Suspected of Witchcraft Stripped, Tortured in Papua New Guinea

According to Human Rights Watch, violence against women in PNG “is rampant,” and often involves charges of sorcery. In February, 2013, a mob in Western Highlands Province accused 20-year-old Kepari Leniata of witchcraft after a six-year-old child died in her city. The mob stripped her and burned her to death as a witch. Eight other women reportedly were victims of such attacks during the course of the year.

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Who’s in Charge? Gov. Walker Talks About Wisconsin Witch Hunt; Witch Hunters Not Pleased

Now that the final fate of this whole investigation is being decided by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, it sounds an awful lot like Chisholm and Schmitz are trying to goad Walker into unsealing information the court might rule was gathered improperly, or at least score a few last points against Walker by making him look furtive by refusing to play their game.

AP Photo/Cliff Owen