Watch – Jordan Peterson on ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’: Left Too P.C. to Comprehend Playful Seduction

Psychology professor and author Dr. Jordan Peterson told Breitbart News on Thursday that the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” has become offensive to the Left because they have become too politically correct to grasp the concept of playful seduction.

“I think the idea that seduction can be a game played by two people, a man and a woman, generally speaking,” said Peterson, “and that both understand the rules, I think that idea has become politically incorrect.”

“I think the kind of back and forth that is laid out rather comically in that song — it exists in violation to the strictures that have been established by the sorts of people who want affirmative consent at every stage of any physical interaction whatsoever.”

Peterson added that because the woman playfully resists the man in the song, it creates a “continued romantic entanglement during the evening.”

“Now she’s playing along, obviously, if you have any sense, and you listen to the song and you understand the context. She’s offering resistance, it’s like a dance in some sense.”

Context is not taken into account, however, when politically correct ears are listening.

“That’s not the sort of dance you’re supposed to undertake if everything that you do romantically requires affirmative consent,” said Peterson, “and that’s actually the law in many states now, as well as policy.”

Peterson also mentioned that this concept is oftentimes enacted in the majority of universities.

“And it gives activists who don’t have anything better to do something additionally useless to complain about and be annoying, so there’s always that,” continued Peterson.

Censorship attempts also have a tendency to make certain entities more popular.

“I believe sales of the song have spiked through the roof,” quipped Peterson, “So I think that’s quite comical.”

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