Exclusive — Ann Coulter: Blexit Is ‘Contrary to the Entire Media Narrative’ About Black Americans

After delivering an explosive speech to a massive crowd at a BLEXIT rally in Los Angeles on Sunday, Ann Coulter spoke to Breitbart News about the uniqueness of BLEXIT and ways to employ Americans by building a border wall.

“As the saying goes, the saying invented by me, our blacks are better than their blacks And oh boy are these kids great, and also better attractive,” Ann Coulter stated about the Blexit attendees.
Coulter also discussed why President Trump seems to be getting no credit from the black and Latino communities for the things he does to help them.

“He needs to build a wall. He needs to actually build it, not just keep talking about it,” Coulter said of President Trump. “One of the great things about the wall, and there are many great things about the wall, but it cuts off a huge flow a huge flow of illegal alien cheap labor. Wages go up. Across the board, wages go up.”

“From observing Black Lives Matters, we have a lot of young black men who are unemployed and they’ve got a lot of energy. It sounds like a joke, but I wanted the infrastructure bill first and you know what is a huge infrastructure plan? Building a wall. If all they were doing is digging a hole and then refilling it. That would employ so many young men,” Coulter explained. “I think he could wipe out black unemployment and youth unemployment. But black youth unemployment is astronomical.”

The best-selling author and syndicated columnist also offered her thoughts on what made BLEXIT special.

“It so countered the lying media’s narrative. There’s so many kids here who are so smart,” Coulter said. “They’re so articulate and happy and fun.”

“It’s so contrary to the entire media narrative. You’re supposed to be angry if you’re a black person. You’re supposed to hate white people if you’re black. You’re certainly supposed to hate Republicans.”

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