Exclusive–Anna Paulina: Democrats Turn a Blind Eye to Modern-Day Slavery

Conservative Hispanic activist Anna Paulina told Breitbart News that the Democrat Party reminds black Americans that slavery once existed in the country, yet the same politicians “turn a blind eye” when it comes to modern-day slavery of Latin Americans, enabled by unsecured borders.

“You have people like Nancy Pelosi, one of the most powerful women in politics rights now,” said Paulina to Breitbart News in Los Angeles at Candace Owens’ first Blexit event, “saying that she cares about children — that she cares about Hispanics.”

“Yet [Pelosi] is ignoring the stats that the State Department put out, she’s ignoring the fact that there is literally slavery of women and children,” continued Paulina, “These children — they are trafficked, they are raped, they are killed, and [Democrats] turn a blind eye to it.”

Paulina also noted the hypocrisy perpetuated by Democrat politicians.

“They will remind black Americans every single day, that at one point, there was slavery,” said Paulina, “but when it comes to Hispanics, they turn a blind eye to [slavery], because, you know what, they only care about the vote.”

“They care about the fact that if they turn Hispanics into single-issues voters on immigration — that they’ll have their vote in 2020,” added the activist, “That’s why so many of us have come here [to Blexit] today, to say that we’re done with this — we don’t want anything to do with the Democratic Party.”

Paulina also mentioned that politicians have not formed any real resolutions on immigration, despite it being an issue for the past fifteen years.

“It’s not until now, that we’re seeing something potentially being done in the near future,” added the Hispanic activist, in reference to President Trump’s plan to secure the United States southern border.

“I hope to God that President Trump does that,” concluded Paulina, “because there’s a lot of innocent people that are being killed in the process.”

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