Eric Trump: My Father Should Declare National Emergency to Build Border Wall

Border Patrol officers wait for US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen M. Nielsen to inaugurate the first completed section of President Trumps 30-foot border wall in the El Centro Sector, at the US Mexico border in Calexico, California on October 26, 2018. (Photo by Mark RALSTON / AFP) (Photo …

Appearing on the Fox News Channel Tuesday evening, Eric Trump told host Sean Hannity that he wants his father, President Donald Trump, to declare a national emergency to construct a U.S.-Mexico border wall if negotiations with Democrat leaders fail.

A partial transcript is as follows: 

SEAN HANNITY: There’s a shift in strategy. Alright, shutdown, they won’t even talk to me. I’ll give you three weeks, do your job, I am 99 percent certain, and I have no inside knowledge at all. I am 99 percent certain that when they can’t do a deal and do their job, your father’s going to go to plan b. That means they get no DACA, no DREAMER help, none of the things they say they wanted, and they can shop it, do judge shopping and go to the ninth circuit. I think, as commander-in-chief, stopping heroin, stopping cartels, gang members, and some that will commit crime, not the 98 percent, but the two percent. That’s his job. That’s what he swore in an oath to [uphold], to keep the American people safe.

ERIC TRUMP: That’s why the American people elected him, because he’s a fighter for what’s right or wrong. Then you hear Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi. “Well you know, we’ll negotiate, but we’re only going to negotiate when government is open.” But then they don’t actually come out and negotiate, and then you have Pelosi, as you just said, “Well, I’ll give you a dollar toward your wall, but you know, I want to spend a five million dollars on drones to fly over the southern border, which aren’t going to be effective at all. When can we start using some common sense in this country? Stop the drugs, stop the criminals, stop MS-13, have people come into the system legally. We want immigration, but we want legal immigration. Come the right way.

HANNITY: Here’s what your dad is fighting for. He’s fighting against drugs, human trafficking, drug trafficking, life and death issues for Americans. Angel Moms and Dads. I’ve interviewed a number of them. He’s fighting for security, and safety of the American people. What [are] Nancy and Chuck fighting for? What were they fighting for?
TRUMP: All they’re fighting for is to make sure he doesn’t achieve the agenda that he promised to achieve. They realize he’s winning on everything else. So how could we obstruct that message? You see those Angel Mothers. I ran into one who lost a child a couple of weeks ago. I remember her holding the picture and she’s showing me this picture.

HANNITY: 4000 homicides.

TRUMP: And this is what we’re fighting for. This is what we’re fighting for, as well as having a country and having laws. You see what the immigration problems are doing to so many other countries around the world.

HANNITY: Do you agree with me? One way or the other, he’s not giving up.

TRUMP: I want him to declare [an] emergency.

HANNITY: Oh, I think he will.

TRUMP: You know what? If they don’t come to the table, he said you know what? I’m going to open up government, and let’s see if they were actually being truthful that once government was reopened that they would come to the table and negotiate something that’s fair. Honestly, if they don’t, declare the emergency, build the wall with the United States military, because that’s what people in this country want.


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