‘American First’ Activist: ‘You Are No More Mexican Than I Am African’

As a featured speaker at Satuday’s Fund That Wall rally in front of the White House in Washington, D.C., Dionne Alexander called for an “American First” ethos of national unity to overcome left-wing ethnic, racial, religious, and sexual agitation campaigns.

Alexander said:

They tried to prevent us from coming here. They’d do anything they can to divide you, by color, by race, by religion, by sexual preference. They want to apply laws onto you that don’t apply to them. They push health care on us that’s good enough for us but not good enough for them. You see, we’ve had presidents — I’m 51-years-old and I’ve seen many presidents, and presidents can only be there for eight to four years. It always changes, but you know what hasn’t changed? The things that are going on in this country have not changed. And you know something else that hasn’t changed? People that have been in Congress for 20 to 30 years. So your president can only do so much, and we have for the first time in American history a president pushing as hard as he can and taking all the scrutiny that he can. We’ve never had a president this bold since Ronald Reagan. We finally got a president who’s not afraid, but this president is not going to be here forever, so we have to continue to not be afraid.

A lot of you people claim to be Italian-Americans, French-Americans, Mexican-Americans, but guess what? you go to your countries and you are no more Mexican than I am African, so you are an American first. We share an American culture. We share an American flag. There is no separation in this country no matter how hard Democrats and liberals try to push it. There’s no separation. The only way they can separate us is if we allow them to separate us. We all know that socialism is not the way. You’re looking at a man that grew up in the projects. If we had socialism, guess what, there was no way that I could take advantage of capitalism and become the man that I am today.

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