Watch Live: Donald Trump at Revived Lima Army Tank Plant

President Donald Trump is expected to herald the revival of the Lima Army Tank Plant onsite at 2:50 p.m. Eastern Wednesday. The plant has rebounded under the Trump administration from the brink of closing.

President Trump is scheduled to tour the Joint Systems Manufacturing facility in Lima, Ohio, just prior to delivering remarks. General Dynamics operates the facility, which is responsible for building the Army’s primary battle tank, the M-1 Abrams.

“The story of the day may be about how the Trump administration saved the Lima plant from a near-death experience under President Barack Obama,” Peter Navarro, administration director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, wrote in a New York Times op-ed on Wednesday. “The story for the history books, however, is about how the factory perfectly encapsulates President Trump’s maxim ‘economic security is national security.’”

Navarro wrote that in 2012, President Barack Obama attempted to shutter the tank manufacturing facility, but a Republican-led Congress thwarted his efforts.

The president will travel on to Canton, Ohio, for a roundtable with supporters and joint fundraising committee reception before returning to the White House in the evening.

Michelle Moons is a White House Correspondent for Breitbart News — follow on Twitter @MichelleDiana and Facebook.


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