Donald Trump Berates ‘Morning Psycho’ Joe Scarborough

President Donald Trump berated MSNBC's Joe Scarborough on Tuesday, calling his show "angry, dumb and sick."

President Donald Trump berated MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on Tuesday, calling his show “angry, dumb and sick.”

“Morning Psycho (Joe), who helped get me elected in 2016 by having me on (free) all the time, has nosedived,” Trump wrote. “Too angry, dumb and sick. A really bad show with low ratings – and will only get worse.”

Scarborough taunted the president in return.

“Hi, Donald, how do doing? We love that you watch us,” Scarborough sneered.

“Tell him to stop watching. This is a sickness. It’s got to stop,” co-host Mika Brzezinski pleaded in mock horror.

“Donald, I hope you’re doing okay,” Scarborough continued.

“No. No, I really don’t,” Brzezinski replied.

Scarborough disputed the idea that he helped Trump get elected by featuring him on their show, pointing out that Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, John McCain and Jeb Bush failed to win the presidency.

“Jeb Bush would be sitting in the White House instead of me trying to defend him all these years later,” he said.

“Stop looking at Joe, it’s so powerful, it’s not, just don’t do it, Donald,” Brzezinski continued.

“I feel like flexing my muscles right now,” Scarborough added, asking producers to change the chyron to respond to Trump.

Trump touted the Fox News morning news show, describing it as the “best of the morning political shows on tevision.”

He blasted the media for continuing to criticize his presidency despite success in his presidency.

“The Radical Left Democrats, together with their leaders in the Fake News Media, have gone totally insane! I guess that means that the Republican agenda is working. Stay tuned for more!”


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