New Joe Biden Ad Features Past Barack Obama Praise

Former US vice president Joe Biden (right) and his old boss Barack Obama bonded over eight years in the White House and remain close

Former Vice President Joe Biden released a campaign video on Tuesday featuring old praise from former President Barack Obama.

Obama has not endorsed Biden for president, but the former Vice President has years of positive Obama footage to draw on for campaign ads.

A new campaign video features the moment that Obama presented his Vice President with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, shortly before they both left office in 2017.

At the time, Obama described Biden as “my brother,” a “lion of American history” and the “finest vice president we have ever seen.”

Biden’s campaign wants to remind voters of the era when Obama was in power and Biden was his wingman.

In his campaign kickoff speech, Biden reminded his supporters that he was the vice president for the “first African-American president.”


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