E. Jean Carroll Says She’s Putting Her ‘Life on the Line’ with Trump Rape Claim

Author E. Jean Carroll, who recently brought forth a nearly 25-year-old rape allegation against President Donald Trump, claimed in a Monday interview she is putting her “life on the line” by going public with her accusation.

A partial transcript is as follows: 

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Do you think that pursuing a legitimate case through the New York City police, because the mayor has said the statute of limitations has changed, that it could help further your story.

E. JEAN CARROLL: I would consider it. As far as I know, the limitations have run out.

CAMEROTA: But you would consider it?

CARROLL: I’d consider it.

CAMEROTA: What is the take away from all this? What is the take away for women in 2019? What is the message today?

CARROLL: I’m wary of giving the advice that I gave yesterday to stand up and speak out. You get dragged and it is not easy. I am going to stop saying “stand up and speak.” I’m going to stop saying that. It’s not fun.

CAMEROTA: Why? What are you experiencing right now?

CARROLL: I have stayed off the Internet. I’ve gotten nothing but just a swell of support. It’s going very well. I would never ask another human being to go through this.”

CAMEROTA: Because though you’re getting support, it’s unpleasant, you’re saying?

CARROLL: I put my reputation on the line. I put my livelihood on the line.

CAMEROTA: Your career.

CARROLL: Totally. And I put my life on the line.

CAMEROTA: What do you mean you put your life on the line?

CARROLL: Well people have told me I have to be careful.


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