Nolte: Bungling of Police Shooting Has Pete Buttigieg Stumbling into Debate

COLUMBIA, SC - JUNE 22: Democratic presidential candidate South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg addresses the crowd at the 2019 South Carolina Democratic Party State Convention on June 22, 2019 in Columbia, South Carolina. Democratic presidential hopefuls are converging on South Carolina this weekend for a host of events where …
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Before he spectacularly flamed out Sunday, Mean Little Mayor Pete Buttigieg was flying high — well, flying high with everyone except actual voters, and now he’s stumbling into this week’s debate.

The media love Mean Little Mayor Pete, adore him because he is young and openly gay and identifies as a Christian, which gives him license (according to the media) to act in the most un-Christian ways imaginable: marry another man, support unfettered abortion and outright infanticide, judge others as terrible Christians, and commit blasphemy by blaming God for his out-and-proud sins.

What’s more, Mean Little Mayor Pete is even savvy enough to grab hold of the media’s fake news to smear President Trump…

Oh, yes, this guy knew exactly what the media wanted from a candidate and he delivered in spades.

And, brother, did the media ever return the love. All that attention, all those narratives about how Pete was a comer, a player, a gay Obama, a phenom, Trump’s worst nightmare…

And with that came the money, oodles of it, especially from Hollywood.

Why it was just last week that Buttigieg was winning one of those primaries the media like to invent — the fundraising primary.

Yes, it was only last week that Pete was on his way, but…

Did you know Mean Little Mayor Pete has never once averaged double-digit national support among…Democrats?

Nope. The best Pete has ever done in any national poll is ten percent, and that only happened twice in countless polls, which means the highest he has ever averaged nationally was 8.3 percent, and that lasted for about six minutes.

As of now, and this is even before his disastrous handling of the police shooting has been figured in, his average is a pathetic 6.6 percent.

He polls a little better in the early primary states — 11.8 percent in Iowa and 10.3 percent in New Hampshire — but where’s the beef?

It’s all hype, blown sunshine, lights, mirrors, tinsel, and silly string.

Think of the difference in how the establishment media reported on Trump’s poll numbers in 2016 and Buttigieg’s this year.

Although Trump was consistently in the lead during the 2016 primary — in the lead nationally and in the individual states — all we heard from our useless media was how those polls were meaningless, a sugar high, people parking their votes until they start paying attention, voters who will eventually come to their senses to vote for Jeb!, voters temporarily sending a message.

But here’s Buttigieg, flailing, flailing, flailing — barely moving the needle, and Watch out America, here comes your next president!

Not that he ever was not in trouble, but Mean Little Mayor Pete has real problems now.

In mid-June, Police Sergeant Ryan O’Neill shot Erick Jack Logan. The officer is white, the dead man is black. O’Neill claims Logan came at him with a knife, but his body camera wasn’t turned on.

And so, in an effort to quell the ensuing uproar and grab a little media attention for himself, the absentee mayor decided to hold a town hall Sunday, which turned out to be the biggest mistake of his political life.

Even though Pete always looks like a child, like a little boy, like Alfred E. Neuman, he appeared even younger and less prepared to lead during this disastrous town hall. He was in so far over his head, he seemed unprepared to be what he is — the mayor of South Bend, much less the president of these here United States.

In a racially charged situation like that, a mayor, especially a white mayor, is bound to be heckled and criticized. This is expected and no one can judge a politician on the behavior of the audience. But Pete’s performance was so pathetic, even the harridans on The View criticized it.

“It just kind of shows that he’s a little more than green around the edges because people are going to ask you much harder stuff than this,” Whoopi Goldberg said. “But you also need to know how to respond to people.”


CNN’s David Axelrod put it this way: “[H]is answers were delivered in a factual, almost clinical, manner, more in keeping with his prior life as an analyst for McKinsey & Co. than the ministerial role called for by an episode in which a life was lost.”


New York Magazine: “[T]he incident has exposed two of his biggest vulnerabilities as a presidential candidate: his not very impressive day job and his not always impressive handling of it, and his notable lack of support from African-Americans.”


And now even MSNBC is asking Pete if he should be at home doing his job instead of jaunting off to the upcoming Democrat debate.

And this is all criticism from the far-left.

Buttigieg might be 37,  but he looks 14, and during that town hall he looked like he was a nine-year-old wearing his dad’s clothes.

Oh, and did I mention that the media’s Gay Obama has never once polled in double digits?


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