Pro-Family Advocates: Opposition to California’s Graphic Sex-Ed Curriculum Grows

Opponents of a proposal to makes changes to the sex education guidance for teachers, rallied at the Capitol Wednesday, May 8, 2019, in Sacramento, Calif. The California State Board of Education is set to vote Wednesday on new guidance for teaching sex education in public schools. The guidance is not …
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As the new school year approaches, churches, parents, and family advocacy groups are sounding the alarm about the comprehensive sex education curriculum being put into place in schools throughout California based on a 2015 law passed in the state.

“Assembly Bill 329 forced all schools to adopt the new ‘comprehensive sexual education’ requirements for students,” Capitol Resource Institute (CRI) and Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) wrote in literature about the law. “These ‘comprehensive’ requirements force schools to promote the sexual practices of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lifestyles.”

“School curriculum and materials show students what are the best practices to engage in such lifestyles, such as condom and lubricant usage,” the CRI and ADF wrote.

“Parents, teachers, and community members across the state are growing more and more concerned with the graphic sex education being introduced in public schools,” Karen England, executive director of CRI, told Breitbart News.

“Misinformation is high in circulation,” England said. “Parents want to know what their rights are and exactly what is happening in their schools.”

“We have been on the front lines with parents, advocating for parental rights throughout the implementation of the provocative curriculum and helping parents fight back,” England said.

“Parents need to be informed and encourage school boards to enact policies that respect their rights,” England said. “Policies that notify parents of what is being taught and allow them to opt out of all sensitive graphic and inappropriate sexuality curriculum.”

Protect Our Kids Now (POK) is a grassroots group that has sprung up in response to the sex-education push by liberal groups, including Planned Parenthood and Advocates for Youth, the latter a leftist group that England told Breitbart News has developed one of the more popular curriculums teachers are downloading and using in the classroom.

The POK website states:

In 2015, the California Legislature quietly passed Assembly Bill 329, otherwise known as the ”California Healthy Youth Act” (CHYA). CHYA requires that K-12 public schools, including Charter schools, implement a teaching curriculum that denies fixed gender identities, affirms same-sex intimacy and encourages dangerous forms of sexual experimentation and activity. The practical effect of CHYA and its program of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is to sexualize our children, beginning in Kindergarten.

POK believes that sex is among the most personal of all human experiences and that sexual expression cannot be separated from an underlying worldview and its associated values. We believe that parents bear the primary responsibility for inculcating that worldview and values to their children, not the state, and especially when these values relate to matters of intimate human relationships and gender roles.

While we acknowledge the role of public schools to teach subjects like human biology, anatomy, and the reality of sexual disease and prevention, the CHYA goes far beyond this. We further believe that once parents are informed about the true nature of CHYA and its implementation they will seek alternatives to ensure their children’s welfare.

According to literature the American Civil Liberties Union generated, the California law prohibits teaching abstinence-only sex education, promoting “religious doctrine,” and “must address the needs of students of all genders and sexual orientations.”

“California parent John Andrews of the Murrieta School District said that schools in his district are using Positive Prevention Plus Sex Ed Curriculum, a curriculum that contains explicit photos and drawings of sexual activity,” the Daily Signal reported.

“They talk about anal and oral sex as an alternative to regular sex because you can’t get pregnant,” Andrews said in a video posted June 26 by the conservative group Our Watch, the Daily Signal reported.

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