States with Weakest Recoveries Since ‘Great Recession’ Enjoy Soaring Income Growth in Trump Economy

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States with some of the weakest economic recoveries since the Great Recession are now enjoying soaring income growth in President Trump’s economy.

Analysis conducted by Pew Charitable Trusts reveals that states like West Virginia, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Alabama, Mississippi, and Iowa have enjoyed major gains in personal income growth over the last year compared to their lagging income growth since the Great Recession.

For example, West Virginia has had annual personal income growth of only about 1.3 percent since 2007. Over the last year, though, West Virginia’s personal income growth has soared 4.3 percent — making it the highest income growth state in the last year of Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” economy.

(Pew Research Center)

Nevada, which had personal income growth of just 1.6 percent since 2007 has enjoyed, over the last year, income growth of 3.5 percent. Likewise, Arizona residents’ income lagged since the recession with a growth rate of 1.8 percent. Over the last year, Arizona residents’ personal income has grown by 3.3 percent.

States like Minnesota and North Carolina, which had annual income growths of 1.9 percent since 2007, have seen personal income grow to almost three percent over the last year.

Alabama and New Mexico, both with some of the weakest economic recoveries since the Great Recession, have had significant income growth in the past year. Alabama, for instance, has had annual income grow by just a little more than one percent since the recession but in the last year has seen income grow by more than two percent.

In New Mexico, which saw income grow by 1.3 percent annually since 2007, has seen personal income grow for its residents by nearly three percent over the last year.

The personal income growth of American residents in states with weak economic recoveries since the Great Recession is welcome news following years of former President Obama’s economic recovery efforts that mostly aided wealthy zip codes and coastal cities.

As Breitbart News reported, research by the Economic Innovation Group found that by 2016, elite zip codes had a surplus of 3.6 million jobs. This is more than the combined bottom 80 percent of American zip codes. Similarly, while it only took about five years for wealthy cities to replace the jobs lost by the recession, it took “at-risk” communities a decade to recover, and “distressed” communities may never recover.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder


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