Great Recession

Survey: Millennials Believe Economy Is Failing Them

A new survey by Ernst & Young and Economic Innovation Group found that “millennials” — those born in the 1980s or later — are a deeply pessimistic generation that is willing to work hard, but is “convinced the economy is failing them,” and is “very uncertain” about the future.

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Older Americans Working More and Longer, Bucking Labor Trends

The phenomenon of more older Americans working bucks overall employment trends — even as the percent of the population with a job has declined the share of employed older Americans has steadily increased. Overall the percentage of adults with a job — 59.9 percent — has failed to recover to pre- Great Recession levels, meanwhile the share of older Americans with a job has soared.

Help Wanted' sign is posted in the window of an automotive service shop on March 8, 2013 in El Cerrito, California.

Exclusive — Donald Trump: America Is Currently in a ‘Jobs Recession,’ when ‘Bubble’ Pops ‘It’s Going To Be Ugly’

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Billionaire and national 2016 GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump pushed back on the notion put forth by President Barack Obama that America is doing well economically. In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Friday, Trump laid out how he believes the United States is currently in another recession—something that proves President Obama’s economic policies have failed, as have those of his GOP enablers in Congress.

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Obama GDP Drops -0.7%… Recession Coming?

On Friday, the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis released its revised economic report for the first quarter of 2015 – and in a “surprising” and “unexpected” twist (surprising and unexpected only because Barack Obama is president and the media are constantly surprised that the Sun God cannot rain gold from the heavens), the GDP dropped -0.7%.

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