Farmers Market Attendees Angered by Open Carry Demonstrators

AUSTIN, TX - JANUARY 1: Two women compare handgun holsters during an open carry rally at the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas. On January 1, 2016, the open carry law took effect in Texas, and 2nd Amendment activists held an open carry rally at the Texas state capitol on …
Erich Schlegel/Getty Images

Some farmers market attendees in Alexandria, Virginia, were angered by the sight of open carry demonstrators on Saturday.

The supporters, who were part of “The Right to Bear Arms Richmond,” openly carried rifles and handguns at the market.

According to Fox 5, open carry supporter Brandon Howard said, “This is what it’s all about. Educating people and exercising our constitutional right without fear to do so. There is no right if you have to be fearful to exercise your right to do so.”

Even though open carry is legal in Virginia, Howard said he and the other members of the group contacted police before attending the market.

Nevertheless, one Alexandria community member said, “I was afraid. You don’t know what they were going to do. You don’t know if they were insane or out of their mind.”

Blue Virginia reported that one market attendee expressed his anger at the open carriers and yet another noted how “upset” other attendees were.

One community member took a different approach, saying, “I rather keep the right than have the right taken away. They keep taking rights away soon we won’t have any.”

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