Manufacturing Executives Charged with Knowingly Hiring Illegal Aliens

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Four executives at an Illinois manufacturing plant have been charged with knowingly hiring illegal aliens, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency reveals.

According to ICE officials, four executives at the sheet metal KSO MetalFab Inc. manufacturing plant in Streamwood, Illinois — a suburb of Chicago — have been charged with one count each of knowingly harboring illegal aliens and one count each of knowingly hiring illegal aliens.

The four executives include 81-year-old Dora Kuzelka, 62-year-old Kenneth Kuzelka, 56-year-old Kari Kuzelka, and 58-year-old Keith Kuzelka. ICE officials allege that the Kuzelkas knowingly hired at least 18 illegal aliens.

In 2017, ICE audited the company and discovered that more than half of the 67 workers employed had potentially used fake work authorization documents to obtain jobs. After being warned of the illegal alien hires, the executives fired the workers.

Later, though, ICE officials said KSO MetalFab executives rehired at least 18 of the illegal alien hires that had previously been fired through a staffing agency.

ICE alleges that the four executives instructed the fired illegal aliens to apply for jobs through the staffing agency so they could be rehired at a later date. A number of the illegal aliens used the same names they had used to get jobs at the plant originally.

The first hearing in the case begins on October 29.

Today, there are at least eight million illegal aliens holding American jobs in the U.S. economy that would have otherwise gone to American workers and legal immigrants. The mass employment of illegal aliens by hundreds of businesses, though, continues to go largely ignored by the law, as only 11 employers and no businesses have been federally prosecuted for hiring illegal aliens in the last year.

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