Report: Abortionist Klopfer ‘Competed’ for Most Abortions Performed in One Day

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Deceased abortionist Ulrich Klopfer, whose home and car were found to contain the remains of thousands of unborn babies, “competed” with other abortionists over who could perform the most abortions in one day, says a report at the Associated Press (AP).

According to the report:

An Indiana doctor who is believed to have carried out more than 50,000 abortions during his career would compete with other doctors at a Chicago clinic in an attempt to perform the most terminations each day.

Dr. Ulrich Klopfer is said to have competed so avidly in the 1970s that he would set his coffee aside, jump to his feet in the break room and rush to the operating table whenever his chief rival walked by.

AP noted a 1978 Chicago Sun-Times story that reported the competition between Klopfer and another abortionist.

“A nurse told the newspaper that the other doctor tallied each abortion in pencil on his pant leg,” the report observed. “If Klopfer saw lots of marks, he would go ‘like wildfire to catch up,’ she said.”

AP also observed that in 2008, pro-life physician Dr. Geoffrey Cly confronted Klopfer about how his abortions were putting women’s health at risk.

The abortionist, who reportedly survived the Allied plane bombings in his home town of Dresden, Germany, during World War II, replied to Cly, “How is the suffering from the bombing by the Americans in Dresden any different than the suffering of women by unwanted babies?”

Cly told AP, “I thought his abortions, how he kept the fetuses, might be unconscious revenge for the bombings.”

According to the AP report, Klopfer was frequently belligerent toward pro-life protesters, often raising his middle finger to them during protests at his clinics and even shoving some of them in 1993.

The abortionist was often engulfed in legal battles, sometimes with the support of the ACLU, the report noted.

In September the remains of 2,246 unborn babies were found inside the Will County, Illinois home of Klopfer, a couple of weeks after his death that month.

Two weeks ago, authorities discovered additional remains of aborted babies in the trunk of one of his cars.

Klopfer performed abortions in South Bend, Gary and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

In 2015, his medical license was suspended after he allegedly failed to report an abortion performed on a 13-year-old girl.

Vice President Mike Pence, former Indiana governor, has called for a full investigation into the remains found at Klopfer’s home. In addition, a group of Republican senators introduced legislation that would ensure dignified burials for aborted babies.

Klopfer is believed to have performed more than 50,000 abortions during his medical career, according to AP, with many carried out in clinics in Pence’s home state of Indiana before his medical license was revoked in 2016.

As IndyStar reported, Klopfer had not been licensed to practice medicine in Illinois since 1990, and public records do not indicate he held any other state’s medical license after his Indiana license was revoked. The abortionist was known to have been negligent in his record-keeping in his clinics.


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