More Remains of Aborted Babies Found in Car Trunk of Ulrich Klopfer

This image made from a Dec. 1, 2015, video provided by WNDU-TV shows Ulrich Klopfer in South Bend, Ind. Officials whose offices are investigating the discovery of more than 2,200 medically preserved fetal remains at an Illinois house of Dr. Klopfer who performed abortions for decades in Indiana will hold …
WNDU-TV via AP, File

Authorities discovered additional remains of aborted babies in the trunk of a car belonging to deceased abortionist Ulrich Klopfer.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill said his office is investigating the remains that were found in the trunk of a car, while still working on the investigation of the 2,246 aborted remains found by family members of Klopfer at his home in Illinois after he died.

According to WSBT22, Klopfer’s family found the additional remains on Wednesday morning while searching through several of the abortionist’s cars that were stored at a business property in Dolton, Illinois.

“Based on that, the family members contacted authorities in Cook County,” said Hill. “Cook County contacted Will County authorities primarily because Will County had experience, vast experience in establishing protocols from the last discovery.”

Arriving on the scene, investigators discovered five plastic bags and one box containing the remains of the aborted babies, stored in the trunk of an older Mercedes Benz.

Klopfer performed abortions in South Bend, Gary and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

In 2015, his medical license was suspended after he allegedly failed to report an abortion performed on a 13-year-old girl.

“It’s a shock for everyone,” Hill said, adding his office is attempting to help Klopfer’s former patients to determine if any of the remains discovered belong to them.

“Our objective, ultimately, is to resolve this with respect and dignity for the remains and it would anticipate that we would add any additional new remains to the mix,” said Hill, according to the report.

The priority, he continued, is giving the remains a “proper burial” and ensuring something like this doesn’t happen again.

“We don’t want to see fetal remains discarded like so much trash by the side of the road,” said Hill. “Imagine, if you will, if we discovered 2,246 remains of adults who were deceased in some type of preservation fluid. Everyone would be freaking out.”

In a comment sent to Breitbart News, Susan B. Anthony List’s State Policy Director Sue Swayze Liebel, an Indiana native, said the additional discovery is “a stark reminder that the abortion industry profits from the destruction of unborn children and exploitation of vulnerable women on a similar scale every day.”

“We grieve for the little ones denied their very humanity and with the mothers forced to relive the trauma endured at Klopfer’s hands, wondering if their child is among his collection of bodies,” she added. “All of Klopfer’s victims deserved so much better.”

Vice President Mike Pence, former Indiana governor, has called for a full investigation into the remains found at Klopfer’s home. Several weeks ago, a group of Republican senators introduced legislation that would ensure dignified burials for aborted babies.



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